Check & Connect: A Comprehensive Student Engagement Intervention: Implementing with Fidelity


A detailed manual for implementing the Check & Connect student engagement intervention. Since 1990 the Check & Connect student engagement intervention has been used in K-12 schools with students who are showing early warning signs of disengagement from school and learning, or who are at risk of dropping out. The 2012 edition of the Check & Connect manual builds on the experience and continuing research of the previous 21 years to offer users a guide that incorporates new findings about the model. It walks users through the implementation process for this comprehensive, targeted intervention designed to enhance students' engagement at school and with learning through relationship building and problem solving. It outlines the key components, describes the steps to implementation, and presents the underlying theory and research. The manual also includes a focus on four types of student engagement (academic, behavioral, cognitive, and affective), the theory underlying their emphasis in Check & Connect, and the importance of intervening both directly with students and indirectly through enhancement of students' home and school contexts. Tying it all together is guidance on options for implementing Check & Connect with fidelity to its principles and strategies, while also responding to local school and community contexts.

A short preview video for Check & Connect is available online. It introduces the core components of Check & Connect, and is useful as a preview for schools and youth organizations considering implementing the intervention.


Resource Guide 
Check & Connect: A Comprehensive Student Engagement Intervention


  • Education practices (K12 and transition)
    • Dropout prevention and student engagement
    • Mentoring of youth
    • Student learning strategies
    • Positive behavior support
  • Specific life stage
    • Children
    • Adolescents and young adults