ICI's Renáta Tichá speaking on Armenian television.
Image Source: 
Kentron TV website

ICI’s Tichá Interviewed on Armenian Television

Publication date: 
July 13, 2017

The Institute’s Renáta Tichá (left), who co-directs the ICI project called Enhancing the Inclusion of Children and Youth with Disabilities in Armenia: University of Minnesota – Armenian State Pedagogical University Partnership, was interviewed with two of her Armenian colleagues on Armenian television. The morning talk show on Kentron TV was broadcast in Armenian without English subtitles. Tichá begins speaking through an interpreter in the 32nd minute of the broadcast, explaining how the project is promoting inclusion in that west Asian country by, for example, helping to train Armenian teachers on instructing young people with disabilities. The project is discussed – in Armenian, except for Tichá’s remarks – for the rest of the 51-minute broadcast. Tichá's Armenian colleagues on the show were (seated on the extreme left) Alvard Pogosyan, who is a Senior Education Officer at UNICEF Armenia, which is funding the project, and (seated on the extreme right) Armine Avagyan, who is on the special education faculty at Armenian State Pedagogical University.