Research in Partnership with People with Disabilities, Families, Professionals, and Policymakers

Thu Feb 28 2019
Man with a disability laughing with his Direct Support Professional.

How does a University research center impact the lives of people with disabilities and their families?

ICI’s Research and Training Center on Community Living (RTC-CL) asked itself that question and found many answers. Research conducted in this center is done with a number of critical partnerships including people with disabilities, families, professionals, and policymakers. By viewing themselves as partners with others in the field, RTC-CL researchers focus their attention on questions with “real world” impact that will be used to inform policies and practices in the field. This leads to findings that add to an improved understanding of the needs of people with disabilities.

To share the results of core research conducted from 2013–18 with a broader audience, the RTC-CL created summaries of the following studies, along with short videos featuring researchers discussing the results and impact of their work, and why it matters to people with disabilities and their families:

The RTC-CL strives continually to inform and improve services, systems, and supports so that people with disabilities and their families are fully included in community living. As a result of these studies, one book, 28 book chapters, 114 articles, 61 reports, and 420 presentations have been produced. The current cycle of the RTC-CL (2018-2023) includes studies that extend its research and develop new ways to improve policies and practices. These studies include research on home and community-based services, employment for people with disabilities, testing direct support workforce system interventions, exploring retirement for older adults with IDD, and further expanding FINDS to learn more about family caregiving.