Tue Apr 19 2016
Photograph of John Rynders.

We are saddened by news of the passing of John E. Rynders, Professor Emeritus of Special Education at the University of Minnesota. Rynders was a wonderful person who was very much involved with ICI. He was a respected scholar, advancing the field of special education and early childhood services through his research, and was a pioneer in advocacy for the community inclusion of children with developmental disabilities.

From the late 1980s through the mid-2000s he carried out numerous research and training projects at ICI, including

  • Minnesota Interdisciplinary Program in Early Intervention
  • Doctoral Level Training in Therapeutic Recreation – An Interdisciplinary Program to Promote Play and Community Integration for Children with Severe Handicaps
  • Training of Therapeutic Recreation Students in Community Recreation Integration for Persons with Severe Disabilities
  • Intergenerational Inclusive Preschool Project
  • Promoting Universal Access to Outdoor Recreation and Adventure
  • Supporting Families with Whole Family “Supported Respite” in an Inclusive Outdoor Recreation Program
  • Training of Early Intervention Service Providers Through Training of Faculty From Institutes of Higher Education

For more about his remarkable legacy and the April 16 memorial service see his obituary in the Star Tribune.