Thu Jun 16 2016
ICI's Facebook page

Last week’s tweet from our National Center on Educational Outcomes marks the 23rd ICI social media launch. “NCEO is on Twitter now. Follow us as together we improve instruction and assessment for students with disabilities and English learners.” Whether it’s Self Advocacy Online Facebook posts describing how self-advocates and their allies defy discrimination; or Attend, Engage, Invest Blog summaries of research on the importance of alternatives to suspension for K-12 students; or a new video and Webinar series on employment supports for adults with disabilities featured on the RTC Media YouTube Channel, ICI puts valuable resources and information at the ready for people worldwide. Through these and the following social media outlets, ICI is sharing resources and information supporting the full participation of people with disabilities in all areas of community life. If you haven’t already, check out these resources and start sharing our news and events with your communities:

ICI Facebook page and YouTube Channel

Self Advocacy Online Twitter page

RTC Facebook page and Twitter page

Quality Mall Facebook page

Check & Connect Facebook page and Twitter page

NCEO Facebook page and YouTube Channel

Valuing Lives Facebook page

DirectCourse/College of Direct Support Blog, Facebook page, and Twitter page

Systems Improvement Group content-sharing for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and ShareThis.