Thu Jun 16 2016
Photo of three children who live in Zambia

In July and August, ICI will host Mikala Mukongolwa, a visiting scholar from Zambia. This visit is part of the Twin Cities Zambia Disability Connection (2016) project, which builds on the work of a similarly-named Institute project that began several years ago when ICI staff and partners went to southern Africa to provide advanced leadership training in disability advocacy, policy, and services for government officials, missionaries, educators, and advocates. The new project is funded by a nine-month, $3,000 CEHD Global Signature Grant that began April 2016.

This summer, Mukongolwa will work with ICI staff and community partners to develop community-based and family supports for children with disabilities in Zambia. Currently, she runs Zambia’s only home-based education program where she and her team provide education services to children with disabilities who cannot attend school in a classroom. Her main interest in Minnesota is learning about autism intervention and supports, so she will work in Twin Cities autism clinics and apply what she learns back home. During her Minnesota visit, Mukongolwa will also give guest lectures to University of Minnesota Disability Policy and Services Certificate program students, MN LEND associates, and interested others.