ICI Supporting Early Autism Intervention for Diverse Families

Thu Nov 17 2016
MN Act Early logo

Earlier this month, ICI's MN Act Early  project and the Minnesota Department of Health co-hosted a Webinar for language interpreters working with diverse families titled, "Early Childhood Screening and Intervention for Developmental Delays and Autism." Jennifer Hall-Lande and Kelly Nye-Lengerman of ICI, along with Asli Ashkir and other staff from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), led the webinar to increase knowledge among interpreters about early developmental screening and early signs of ASD. Interpreters often work in educational and medical environments where background and terminology on child development and screening may not be well understood. Part of a webinar series designed to improve and support best practices in interpreting for English language learners, the session is an example of the work that MN Act Early is doing to reach culturally and linguistically diverse families. "The MN Act Early team is supporting the development of a strong network of parent community leaders in culturally and linguistically diverse communities of Minnesota to enact positive change through parent education and parent-led outreach," says Hall-Lande. "Research tells us that early diagnosis of ASD and early intervention can change the child's developmental trajectory and increase positive life outcomes for children and families. The MN Act Early project provides a valuable platform to promote this important outreach work."