Mon Sep 19 2016
People viewing ICI's Driven to Discover in the lobby of Pattee Hall, ICI's home on campus.

After much time and planning, ICI's Driven to Discover campaign went live earlier this month. The new print campaign is displayed in Pattee Hall's main lobby (pictured). Kudos to everyone featured, and those behind the scenes, for working with Connie Burkhart  and Tony Baisley  to make this new strategy a reality. ICI is the first academic unit at the University of Minnesota to highlight the updated version of the long-running campaign.  (The University's new ads don't hit local/national media until next month.) Five new ads have been created to feature ICI's core program areas. The ads will be periodically updated to feature new faces committed to carrying out the work of the Institute. The Driven to Discover campaign also extends to ICI's revamped website. Phase I of the new site  also went live this past summer. The team of Tony Baisley, Kristin Dean,  Connie Burkhart, Shawn Lawler,  and Jonathan Walz  are responsible for realizing this important achievement. Work on the website continues to better represent the Institute's collective research, advocacy, and dissemination online. Finally, a new Facebook  campaign driving traffic to this content online has also begun. The Institute seeks your partnership in "sharing," "commenting," and "liking" this content on Facebook to broaden ICI's reach into new and important audiences.