Star Tribune article mentions ICI’s Check & Connect

Wed Sep 28 2016
Silhouette drawing of students and teacher in a classroom. In color.

The Star Tribune mentioned ICI’s Check & Connect in its recent editorial, “Reducing Chronic School Absenteeism Should be High on School and Community Priority Lists.”  Check & Connect is a student engagement intervention model developed at ICI that supports students' engagement with school and learning for those at risk of disengaging and dropping out.

“To their credit, many metro-area districts are working on keeping kids in class,” according to the piece, which was written by the Star Tribune Editorial Board. “Minneapolis has a long-standing Check and Connect effort that uses some staff members and AmeriCorps interns to work with families when kids miss school.”

The editorial concludes, “Adults must surround kids with this message: Go to school and be engaged each and every day.” This has been the message that Check & Connect has also sought to send for over 25 years. 

(Photo source:, as it appeared in the Star Tribune, copyright 2016)