Five ICI Posters Featured at CEHD Research Day

Thu Mar 24 2016
Photo of person standing next to a research presentation poster

Five ICI posters were shared at the University of Minnesota's College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) Research Day, which was held on March 22. Research posters and display tables illustrated various ICI projects and researchers were on hand to discuss their work at the annual event, showcasing research throughout CEHD. ICI posters - and their authors - included:

  • Alternate English Language Learning Assessment (ALTELLA) Project: Learning More About English Learners with Significant Cognitive Disabilities. Authors: Laurene Christensen, Olivia Lickteig, and Maria Schwedhelm.
  • Assessment Accommodations Use, Participation, and Performance by Students Receiving Special Education Services. Authors: Yi-Chen Wu and Martha Thurlow.
  • Data Informed Accessibility - Making Optimal Needs-based Decisions (DIAMOND). Authors: Erik Larson, Jessica Corpe, and Vitaliy Shyyan.
  • Effects of IEP Training on Student Outcomes. Authors: Yi-Chen Wu and Martha Thurlow, ICI; and Jim Shriner and Susan Carty, University of Illinois.
  • Predicting Delinquent Behavior: Making a Map: Finding My Way Back Juvenile Justice Project. Authors: David R. Johnson, Jean Echternacht, Eileen Klemm, Jana Hallas, Xueqin ("Shirley") Qian, and Emily Clary.