FYI, the Institute on Community Integration Staff Newsletter

January 2014

Pop Quiz: Looking Back at 2013 at ICI

There were numerous highlights at the Institute on Community Integration (ICI) in 2013. We put 10 of them in a quiz looking back at the year. How many answers do you know? See the bottom of the page for the answers (no peeking!). Ready? Set. Go!

  1. Which ICI project about autism was the subject of over 50 news stories nationwide in December 2013?

  2. The Minnesota Historical Society was one of the funders of a book project at ICI this past year. What is the book about?

  3. What ICI project, launched a year ago, is creating a model of support for juvenile offenders with disabilities transitioning from juvenile justice facilities into education, employment, and community programs?

  4. In July, ICI’s federal funding as a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities was renewed for five more years. In what year was it first funded?

  5. The MN LEND became an Affiliated Center of ICI in 2013. What is “MN LEND”?

  6. In October, federal funding for the Institute’s Research and Training Center on Community Living (RTC) was renewed for another five years. For how many years has it been going?

  7. What ICI project, begun this past year, is looking at ways to more fully equip faith communities to assist members with disabilities in finding and keeping employment?

  8. What do the following 2013 conferences have in common: Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability Conference, School Social Work Association of America Annual Conference, Wyoming Native American Education Conference, and Minnesota Statewide Self-Advocacy Conference?

  9. This past fall, the College of Recovery and Community Inclusion became the fourth online college in a suite of curricula for training Direct Support Professionals that is operated by RTC and Elsevier. What is the suite called?

  10. How many ICI staffers earned academic degrees in 2013?

Answers: (1) The Minneapolis Somali Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence Project, which released its findings in December (see; (2) Minnesota’s landmark 1957 special education law, one of the first of its kind in the nation (see; (3) Making a Map: Finding My Way Back, directed by Jean Ness (see; (4) 1985 (see; (5) Minnesota Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities Program (see; (6) It began its 26th year in 2013 (see; (7) Putting Faith to Work, directed by Derek Nord (see; (8) They were four of the many conferences at which ICI staff made over 100 presentations this year; (9) DirectCourse (see; (10) Five. They were Maureen Hawes, Ph.D; Brett Nelson, BA; Angie Pohl, Ph.D; Jen Reinke, Ph.D; and Joe Timmons, MSW.