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This document has been archived because some of the information it contains is out of date.

Feature Issue on Disaster Preparedness and People with Disabilities

Published by the Institute on Community Integration (UCEDD) and the Research and Training Center on Community Living, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota • Volume 20 • Number 1 • Spring/Summer 2007

From the Editors

When disasters occur people with disabilities are often among those most in harm’s way. In many cases this is because the planning and processes in place to respond to disasters and emergencies haven’t made adequate provision for people with disabilities. In this Impact issue we seek to address that need for greater inclusion of people with disabilities in disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts by providing strategies, stories, and resources that we hope will be of use to disability service providers, advocates, individuals with disabilities, families, and policymakers. Through personal stories, reflections on lessons learned from previous disasters, reviews of what works and doesn’t work in policies and procedures, and a variety of preparedness checklists we hope to give readers information they can use to evaluate and improve disaster preparedness where they live, work, and participate in their communities. Whether it’s doing personal emergency planning, organizing neighbors into a circle of support for one another in case of an emergency, ensuring that local and state disaster planning agencies include input from people with disabilities, or evaluating the disaster preparedness of the agency or organization in which we work, we can each take steps to make sure that when the next disaster or emergency occurs, no one is left behind.

What's Inside

Overview Articles

Katrina: A Story of Survival and Papa Joe’s New Community

Including People with Disabilities in Emergency Planning: How Are We Doing?

We Watch the City

Nobody Left Behind: Consumer Experiences of Emergency and Disaster

Experiences of Direct Support Professionals During Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Personal Emergency Preparedness: Who Are Your People?

When Disaster Strikes: An Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Service Providers

Employers’ Guide to Including Employees with Disabilities in Emergency Evacuation Plans

Coping with Disaster: Helping Children with Cognitive Disabilities

Congregations Who Care - Prepare: Preparing Faith Communities to Assist During Disasters

Serving and Protecting: The Role of Disability and Aging Organizations in Disaster Planning

The Impact of Building Design on Evacuation of Persons with Disabilities

Emergency Preparedness at Home for People with Disabilities: Guidelines


Getting Ready for an Emergency in Maine: Training By and For Self-Advocates

Emergency Preparedness: A New Tool for Assessing State’s Readiness

Katrina is Not Over: Stories From the Arc of Mississippi

FIVES: Facility Information, Vacancy, and Evacuation System for Long-Term Care Facilities in Texas

Responding to Disaster: Lessons From Louisiana’s Disability Services System

Improving Disaster Preparedness: Strategies from California’s Disability Services System

Establishing Information-Sharing Partnerships: The Connecticut Approach

Preparing for Pandemic Flu: A Minneapolis Congregation’s First Steps


Resources for Information

Who’s in Charge? Locating Emergency Planning Agencies in Your Area

Publication Information

Managing Editor: Vicki Gaylord

Issue Editors:

Chas Moseley National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services, Alexandria, Virginia

Patricia Salmi Research and Training Center on Community Living, Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Christopher Johnstone Global Resource Center, Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Impact is published quarterly by the Institute on Community Integration (UCEDD), and the Research and Training Center on Community Living, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota. This issue was supported, in part, by Grant #90DD0579 from the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, US Department of Health and Human Services; and Grant #H133B031116 from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, US Department of Education.

The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute, College, University, or their funding sources.

For additional copies or information contact:

Institute on Community Integration University of Minnesota 109 Pattee Hall, 150 Pillsbury Drive SE Minneapolis, MN 55455 612/624-4512

Impact is available in alternative formats upon request.


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Retrieved from the Web site of the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota ( Citation: Moseley, C., Salmi, P., Johnstone, C. & Gaylord, V. (Eds.). (Spring/Summer 2007). Impact: Feature Issue on Disaster Preparedness and People with Disabilities, 20(1). [Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration].


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