Nancy J McCulloh

  • DirectCourse Director of Statewide Implementation
  • DirectCourse - Minnesota
  • Project Coordinator
  • Education Program Specialist
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  • Phone :: +1 320-253-5661
  • Address ::
    • Inst on Community Integration
    • Room 212A PtH [map]
    • 150 Pillsbury Dr S E
    • Minneapolis, MN 55455

Nancy McCulloh, MS

DirectCourse Director of Statewide Implementation

Nancy earned a B.S. in Special Education and a Master's in Information Media - Human Resource Development and Training with a major emphasis in Instructional Design. She has over forty years of experience providing quality supports to people with disabilities in community settings as a Direct Support Professional, supervisor and manager. She is a trainer and educator in the areas of business management, personnel supervision, human resource practices, training, and direct support workforce development and solutions. She has a passion for the use of instructional design and technology in the creation of competency based training programs that support Direct Support Professionals and Frontline Supervisors in the ongoing development their skills and competencies to provide support. She is committed to research informed best practices that are applicable across disabilities service sectors and supports. As the DirectCourse Director of Statewide implementation, she provides technical consultation to states and disability service providers on the full utilization of DirectCourse as a training resource for direct support worker professional development. She provides consultation to meet DHS training requirements, development of competency based training programs, and the development of career ladders, as well as credentialing programs.