Chris Rogers

  • Research Fellow
  • Email ::
  • Phone :: +1 612-626-7233
  • Address ::
    • Institute on Community Integration
    • Room 202C PtH [map]
    • 150 Pillsbury Dr SE
    • Minneapolis, MN 55455

Christopher Rogers is a Research Fellow involved with several projects at NCEO. Prior to joining NCEO, Chris worked in the Regional Resource and Federal Centers Network providing information and technical assistance to state departments of special education. Chris has over ten years of practical experience as a community mental health generalist and then a child mental health specialist serving children and youth with mental health challenges both in schools and in the community. At NCEO, Chris is currently interested in accessible science assessments and opportunities for accommodations and universal design in technology-enhanced assessments. Chris is most curious about the intersection of ethnocultural difference and emotional-behavioral disability, and has published and presented on these topics.

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