Maureen E Hawes

  • Research Associate
  • Director, Systems Improvement Group
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  • Phone :: +1 612-624-1144
  • Address ::
    • Inst on Community Integration
    • Room 5 PtH [map]
    • 150 Pillsbury Dr S E
    • Minneapolis, MN 55455

Dr. Maureen Hawes has successfully managed and implemented numerous evaluations, research projects, and technical assistance initiatives designed to improve programs and outcomes for students with disabilities. As Co-Principal Investigator and Director of the former North Central Regional Resource Center and a Research Associate at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Hawes has been responsible for the oversight and management of numerous staff, large budgets and complex evaluations and technical assistance initiatives. She served as Program Coordinator for the Regional Resource Center Program which consists of six regional technical assistance centers providing services to State Education Agencies and Lead Agencies in the implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). Dr. Hawes has spent over 15 years as a technical assistance provider, delivering high quality technical assistance to numerous state agencies and entities on topics including general supervision and monitoring, evaluation, systems change, evidence-based practices, data analysis and use, and leadership. Dr. Hawes has authored a number of tools and products developed to support both State and local level implementation of IDEA as well as to support State work on the State Performance Plan (SPP) and Annual Performance Report (APR). She has presented at numerous state, national and international conferences on topics including evaluating state initiatives to assess efficacy and relevance, using data and technology strategies to improve outcomes for students with visual impairments, expanding and improving collaborative technical assistance, and developing quality performance measures. Her professional areas of interest include evaluation, performance measurement, general and special education collaboration, systems change, program policy development and implementation, and cultural and linguistic issues for children with disabilities.