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Dr. Moore rejoined the Institute on Community integration in 2021 after spending three previous years at the Institute from 2010-2013. He is a Licensed Psychologist in Minnesota and a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst - Doctoral. He has been in the fields of Positive Behavior Support, Applied Behavior Analysis, and behavioral psychology for 25 years in direct service, staff development, and capacity building roles in a variety of settings (home, community, vocational, residential, academic), and has worked on systems change and policy initiatives in pursuit of better lives for people with disabilities.

Dr. Moore’s clinical, research, and systems change approaches have roots in behavior analysis and over time incorporated concepts and principles from PBS, positive psychology, person and family centered practice, trauma informed practice, and contextual behavior science​.

His research interests are grounded in questions about the collective influence of socio-cultural, environmental, biological, psychiatric, and quality of life variables with respect to such phenomena as treatment adherence, health behavior, and behaviors that limit quality of life. His peer-reviewed research is published in a range of outlets.

Dr. Moore’s volunteer service has included a term on the Board of Directors for the Association for Positive Behavior Support, the leadership team of the Home and Community PBS Network, and the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Northland Association for Behavior Analysis. He continues ongoing service on the leadership team of the Minnesota PBS Network.



Minnesota DHS Systems Change and Capacity Building Through Research, Training, and Technical Assistance Projects

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A Report on Early Intervention Services for Minnesota's Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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LEND Brief: Positive Behavior Support

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Published: Summer 2014

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Using a Team Approach to Build on Person-Centered Practices (#2)

This module tells how to create a team who will improve services. There are many different types of HCBS, which means that teams will look different across providers. This module helps you consider…

Published: 8/27/2021

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Making Person-Centered Practices a Part of Everyday Work (#6)

Successful teams include new person-centered ideas in the meetings, work routines, and trainings that already occur within HCBS. This module will share how teams have been able to work smarter, not…

Published: 8/27/2021

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Creating an Action Plan (#5)

Once the assessment is complete, teams will choose a simple set of actions that can be completed by working smarter, not harder, and by considering the work that is already being done within the…

Published: 8/27/2021

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Assessing Your Organization’s Strengths and Needs (#4)

Each HCBS provider is unique. A completed assessment will reflect the strengths of existing services as well as what can be done to improve outcomes for people. Different approaches are used to…

Published: 8/27/2021

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Confirming Readiness (#3)

The team assesses how ready the staff and people supported are in working together to improve HCBS. Everyone is involved in improving outcomes for HCBS. For this reason, it is important to make…

Published: 8/27/2021

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Evaluating Person-Centered Practices Over Time (#7)

Providers are already expected to report on HCBS outcomes related to people receiving services. The goal of this module is to help teams consider what data are already being collected, brainstorm…

Published: 8/27/2021

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Overview of the Minnesota Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Modules for Person-Centered Organizations (#1)

This module provides an overview for improving person-centered outcomes in HCBS. Major terms are introduced and details about the training are described. The goal is not to teach how to master a…

Published: 8/27/2021

HCBS Modules for Person-Centered Organizations: Problem-Solving When Person-Centered Related Challenges Occur (#8)

Every provider experiences challenges while providing HCBS. These challenges make it harder to improve person-centered outcomes. This module explains how staff attrition, lack of resources, and…

Published: 8/27/2021