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Wisconsin Parent Survey Data Analysis Project [Archived]

Collected, analyzed, and reported on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's Part B Parent Survey. NCRRC's work on the Parent Survey consisted of four activities:…

Systems Improvement Group (SIG)

Provides program evaluation services, high quality technical assistance, stakeholder facilitation, leadership development, and data analysis and visualization services to support systems…

Using Check & Connect to Improve Graduation Rates in Minnesota for Black and American Indian Students with Disabilities

Uses the Check & Connect model developed by ICI to improve graduation rates in Minnesota for Black and American Indian students with disabilities. Check & Connect is a comprehensive intervention…

North Central Regional Resource Center (NCRRC) [Archived]

Provided technical assistance and dissemination support to state education and lead agencies in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin as they sought to sustain…

Connecting the Dots: Early Transition Training [Archived]

Delivers online training developed by the project to help Part C Service Coordinators, LEA staff, and Service Providers understand important aspects of early childhood transition. This training,…

Indicator 14 Postschool Follow-Up Survey

Gathers information on youth with disabilities who are no longer in secondary school and had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in place at the time of leaving school. The survey will assess…

Self-Directed Supports with Independent Support Services

Evaluates the New York Self-Direct Supports model and analyzes national trends in self-directed supports. The project examines how families navigate a self-directed model when the primary caregiver…