Lewin Personal Care Attendant Project

Conducted evaluative research on Minnesota's personal care attendant (PCA) program by: (1) analyzing legislation, rules, regulations, and policy documents to identify program changes and their impacts; (2) conducting quantitative analyses on PCA program data, including reviews of expenditures over time, changes in utilization rates and patterns, and other important program components to identify changes in expenditures, participants and program integrity; (3) evaluating other state experience with PCA programs under the state plan option and with cash and counseling programs; (4) analyzing Medicaid Management Information System data, particularly as it relates to understanding how, to what extent, and by which consumers PCA services are being used; and (5) gathering qualitative data from consumers through focus groups and surveys.

This project was archived on 10/2009.

  • Amy S Hewitt :: [Director] [Contact] Senior Research Associate