Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Anniversary International Fellowship Program in Inclusive Education: A University of Minnesota Partnership with India, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Ukraine

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Creates an international community of learning based on inclusive education, disability advocacy and policy, and community inclusion. Partnering with universities and nongovernmental organizations in India, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Ukraine, the project selected 28 international fellows from these four countries to participate in a 4-6 week exchange in Minnesota (20 fellows) and Arizona (8) in spring 2017. The exchange focused on inclusive education and was based on experiential learning, reflective practice, inclusive service learning, and person-centered planning. Sixteen American participants who mentored visiting fellows while they were in the U.S. in the spring traveled in fall 2017 to the respective countries for two weeks to follow-up on each country's grand challenge, conduct workshops on inclusive education, disability policy and advocacy, and provide technical assistance.

This project was archived on 8/2019.

  • Brian H Abery :: [Director] [Contact] Research Associate
  • Iris Drower :: Senior Sustainability Scientist [Partner staff]
  • Sherry Gray :: Director, International Programs, Humphrey School of Public Affairs [Partner staff]
  • Christopher J Johnstone :: Assistant Professor, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development [Partner staff]
  • Renata Ticha :: [Director] [Contact] Research Associate