National Core Indicators Field Initiated Projects Program: Advance Exploration of Factors Affecting Quality of Life Outcomes of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Uses the data sets from the National Core Indicators (NCI) Program with the expertise of the project team to advance disability and rehabilitation research and disseminate and translate results into materials, practices and policies that will increase inclusion and integration for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and improve the effectiveness of supports and services for this population.

NCI is the most widely-used program of outcomes for persons with IDD in the U.S., addressing their community inclusion, employment and other services, health and wellbeing, and choice/rights. Currently, 46 states participate in at least bi-annual NCI-based outcome research on a minimum of 400 randomly selected individuals with IDD receiving publicly-financed services. The project team will analyze a combined data set, including approximately 13,000 people interviewed for the NCI survey in 2013 and subsequent years investigating outlined outcomes for people with IDD (e.g. rights and community inclusion).