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The Institute is home to 50 current projects and five Affiliated Centers addressing disability issues across the lifespan.

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  • Employment, Training, and Technical Assistance Project (MN TAP) [New]

    This is a two-year project funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services designed to improve employment outcomes for people with disabilities. As part of the project, the Institute for...

  • Improving the Self-Determination of Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Wisconsin [New]

    Develops an education and technical assistance program for general education teachers in ten schools (five middle schools and five high schools) in Wisconsin, providing them with strategies to...

  • Indicator 14 Postschool Follow-Up Survey [New]

    Gathers information on youth with disabilities who are no longer in secondary school and had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in place at the time of leaving school. The survey will assess...

  • Minnesota Direct Support Workforce Project [New]

    Conducted statewide surveys of direct support workers and their employing organizations in Minnesota to better understand wages, benefits, size, and scope of the direct support workforce. The direct support workforce is one of the highest-demand and anticipated growth sectors in the U.S. and Minnesota. Expansion of this workforce is impossible without significant improvements in worker recruitment, on-boarding, development, and retention. These challenges impact individuals, families, and community providers who are finding it increasingly difficult to find and keep high quality employees. Meeting the promises of the Minnesota Olmstead Act is directly related to being able to provide adequate support in the community, and direct support workers are the ones that provide this support.

  • Understanding, Developing, and Supporting Meaningful Work for Youth with Disabilities in Bhutan: Networks, Communities, and Transitions [New]

    Supports the inclusive community employment of youth and young adults with disabilities in Bhutan, a mountainous kingdom in south central Asia. This program of research and development will be...

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