Review of Effective Measures, Instruments and Programs for Research on Inclusion, Self-Determination and Well-Being of Persons With Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (ID/DD)


Assessed current measures and instruments on participation and community living. It provided comprehensive identification, review, and assessment measures related to participation and community living and created a compendium of the most valid, reliable, useful, and widely-used measures, instruments, and outcome-measurement programs.

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Kelly Nye-Lengerman PhD
National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, U.S. Department of Education


Sheryl A Larson :: Research Manager 3

Amy S Hewitt :: Director, Institute on Community Integration


  • Community life
    • Community supports and services
      • Friendships and social relationships
        • Person-centered planning and practices
          • Quality outcomes
            • Self-advocacy and self-determination
              • Social inclusion
              • Health and safety
                • Health and wellness
                  • Healthcare
                    • Mental health supports
                    • Housing and residential services
                      • Community group residential
                        • Consumer/self-directed services
                          • Family supports/in-home services
                          • Specific life stage
                            • Adolescents and young adults
                              • Adults


                              • Evaluation
                                • Research