"Learn The Signs, Act Early" Formative Research Evaluation of Developmental Books


Evaluates "Learn the Signs. Act Early" (LTSAE) developmental story books. The project will evaluate the impact of the LTSAE developmental books on parent knowledge and behaviors around early developmental milestones and acting early if there is a concern.

Jennifer A Hall-Lande
Jennifer A Hall-Lande
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Subcontract from
Association of University Centers on Disabilities
Association of University Centers on Disabilities
Indiana Institute on Disability and Community (UCEDD IN)
Rose F. Kennedy UCEDD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine [Bronx, New York]


Jennifer A Hall-Lande :: Researcher

Libby J Hallas :: MN-ADDM Project Coordinator


  • Community life
    • Parenting and family relationships
    • Culture and diversity
      • American Indians
        • Cultural competence
          • English language learners (ELLs)
            • Immigrants
              • Other cultural groups
                • Somalis
                  • Women
                  • Health and safety
                    • Child welfare
                      • Health and wellness
                        • Healthcare
                          • Mental health supports
                          • Specific disability
                            • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
                              • Emotional/behavioral disorder (EBD)
                                • Hearing and/or vision loss
                                  • Intellectual/developmental disability (IDD)
                                    • Mental health and/or chemical dependency
                                      • Multiple disabilities
                                        • Other health impairment
                                          • Physical disability
                                          • Specific life stage
                                            • Early childhood


                                            • Evaluation
                                              • Outreach