Enhancing the Inclusion of Children and Youth with Disabilities in Armenia: University of Minnesota - Armenian State Pedagogical University Partnership


Builds a sustainable partnership between the University of Minnesota and Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU), the only university in that eastern European country that trains both general and special education personnel. Armenia is making education more inclusive, triggering a critical need in the country for training, knowledge dissemination, and technical assistance to assist with this endeavor. In this project, the partnering universities will collaborate to ensure that inclusive education practices that were proven in the U.S. can be adapted to Armenia and their usability and feasibility understood there. The collaboration will conduct gap analysis of current needs and inclusive practices in ASPU's education and special education coursework, introduce ASPU faculty to inclusive practices in Minnesota, and build an online learning community (Inclusion Portal). Staff from the two universities will visit each other's countries. The project will also produce a film documenting Armenia's progress towards inclusive education. This project is part of ICI's Global Resource Center on Inclusive Education.

Brian H Abery, Renata Ticha
Renata Ticha
UNICEF Armenia
Armenian State Pedagogical University


Brian H Abery :: Research Manager 3

Christopher J Johnstone :: Assistant Professor, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

Renata Ticha :: Research Associate

Jerry W Smith :: Marketing and Communications Manager

Partner staff

Susan O'Connor :: Associate Professor


Inclusive Education Strategies: A Toolkit for Armenia

This toolkit was designed by faculty and staff from the University of Minnesota and Armenian State Pedagogical University (ASPU) in the Republic of Armenia to help educators to include students…

Published: 2019

Inclusive Education Strategies: A Textbook

This textbook   is a resource for implementing inclusive education practices in Armenia, other post-Soviet countries, and countries on the path to a more inclusive education and society. The…

Published: 2018


  • Culture and diversity
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    • Educational accountability and assessment
      • Students with Disabilities
      • International initiatives
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          • Inclusive education
          • Specific life stage
            • Adolescents and young adults
              • Children


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                  • Training and professional development