Partnership in Wellness: A Training Curriculum for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Develops and field-tests a research-based, universally-designed, health promotion curriculum that addresses the unique learning needs of adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who require ongoing daily supports, have limited readings skills, and would benefit from learning about improved nutrition and activity. The project's goal is to improve the quality of life and longevity of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by increasing physical activity, reducing obesity and overweight, preventing lifestyle-related secondary conditions, and reducing associated health care costs.

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Lynda L Lahti Anderson
Lynda L Lahti Anderson, Sheryl A Larson
U.S. Department of Education



Lynda L Lahti Anderson :: Researcher VI

Partner staff

Donald R Dengel PhD :: Professor


Sarah L Curtner :: Graphic and Multimedia Designer

Sheryl A Larson :: Research Manager 3

Toben F Nelson :: Associate Professor

Partner staff

Jamie S Stang :: Associate Professor

Renata Ticha :: Research Associate


  • Health and safety
    • Health and wellness
    • Specific disability
      • Intellectual/developmental disability (IDD)
      • Specific life stage
        • Adults