Community Living

The Community Living program area works to promote the inclusion and full participation of people with disabilities in the communities of their choice. Staff engage in research, training, and technical assistance in a broad range of topics which include housing and residential services, direct support workforce development, person-centered planning, self-determination, social inclusion, employment, and the improvement of home and community-based services outcome measurement.


Areas of interest and leadership:
Research & Training Center on Community Living
Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Home and Community Based Services Outcome Measurement

Featured Projects:
Residential Informations Systems Project
Supporting Individuals and Families Information Systems Project
Minnesota DHS Systems Change and Capacity Building Through Research, Training and Technical Assistance Projects
National Core Indicators
The College of Direct Support
New York DSP Credentialing Program Implementation Study 
Promise Technical Assistance
Putting Faith to Work
Quality Mall
Reinventing Quality
RRTC for Family Support
Self-Advocacy Online
Supporting the Self-Determination of Adults and Transition Age Youth within the Family Context

Featured Products:
National Goals in Research, Policy, and Practice
Frontline Initiative
Supporting Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities and their Families: Status and Trends through 2013
Policy Research Brief
LEND Brief
LEND Webinars
Valuing Lives documentary
Of the Community documentary

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