Impact: Feature Issue on Early Childhood Education and Children with Disabilities

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A newsletter issue responding to the question, "How can families and early childhood professionals provide quality, inclusive early childhood education for young children with and without disabilities?" In its pages, parents reflect on their experiences with early childhood education and inclusion for their children - what was helpful, what was not, and lessons learned from the experience. Researchers and practitioners discuss practical strategies for supporting quality early education experiences for young children with disabilities, as well as the necessity and benefits of inclusion for all students. Innovative inclusive early childhood programs from around the country talk about what they're doing and the outcomes. And complementing the stories and strategies are listings of a wide range of resources that may be of use to families and professionals who are parenting or working with young children with disabilities. The editors' hope for this issue is that it will be a valued resource for those who are navigating the early childhood years with their children or students, and will support the continuing expansion of quality early childhood programs that bring together children with and without disabilities.

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