Supporting Students With Disabilities in Inclusive Schools: A Curriculum for Job-Embedded Paraprofessional Development

Curriculum description

A curriculum supporting special educators in their role of teaching paraprofessionals to work with students with disabilities, focusing on increasing paraprofessional knowledge and skills for providing direct instructional and social support to students. The curriculum includes a Facilitator Manual that provides instructional content and guidance to the facilitator, and Paraprofessional Handouts, which provide the master copies of materials to be duplicated and distributed to staff development participants. The curriculum has seven units: What is Inclusive Education; What to Teach - Learning Opportunities for Students; How to Instruct - Prompt, Wait, Fade; How to Instruct - Natural Cues; Consequences and Supports; How to Instruct - Individualized Adaptations; How to Instruct - Behavior as Communication; and How to Interact - Student Relationships.

Curriculum details