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Direct Support Professional Training

cover of Quality Support, Quality LivesQuality Support, Quality Lives
A DVD illustrating the need for and importance of the work of Direct Support Professionals (DSP), while also highlighting some of the barriers faced by DSPs, such as low pay, lack of affordable health insurance, and insufficient training. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that one million new DSPs will be needed by 2016. DSPs support individuals with disabilities, people with chronic health conditions, and older adults so they can live, work and participate fully in their communities. Direct Support Professional job titles vary, and include in-home support worker, personal assistant, home health aide, job coach, direct support worker, and independent living skills instructor. These supports are essential across the lifespan to ensure that people who rely on supports can live healthy, safe lives. However the barriers lead to high turnover among DSPs, creating a workforce crisis that, combined with the aging of the nation, needs immediate attention from our nation's policymakers. The audience for this video is provider agencies, DSP networks, disability organizations, and those interested in improving the workforce. Produced by RTC Media, part of the Research and Training Center on Community Living at the Institute on Community Integration. A portion of the proceeds from this video supports the National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals (NADSP). Length: 9:18. Closed captioned. (2010) • Cost: $30.00

Higher Ground cover

Higher Ground: The Dedication of Direct Support Professionals During and After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
A documentary on DVD telling the stories of some of the heroic Direct Support Professionals from New Orleans who, despite long hours, low pay, and tremendous stress and trauma, continued to provide support services during and after the storms while often not knowing the fate of their own families. A preview of the 47-minute DVD is online at Produced by the Institute’s Research and Training Center on Community Living in conjunction with Volunteers of America of Greater New Orleans. (2007) • Cost: $49.00

DSP toolkit 2006

Find, Choose, & Keep Great DSPs: Toolkits for Families and People with Disabilities
A pair of easy-to-use toolkits designed to help families and people with disabilities find quality, caring, and committeed Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). There are two different versions of the tookit: one for people with disabilities and one for their family members and support providers. These toolkits, which can be used together or separately, provide:

  • Information on where in the community individuals and families can find the DSPs to meet their needs.
  • Information on how individuals and families choose the best DSP for their needs, including how to develop a realistic job preview.
  • Information on how to train and support DSPs in the job so they stay longer.
  • A CD that provides worksheets, sample realistic job previews, and other resources.

Published by the Institute’s Research and Training Center on Community Living. (2006) • Cost: $30.00. Also available on the Web

DSP ToolkitDirect Support Professional Recruitment Toolkit
A resource to help human service employers recruit and retain quality Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). This resource provides tools to create an exciting, dynamic recruitment plan, resulting in a large pool of qualified applicants. The toolkit, which may be used by agencies, individuals, families, consortia, and organizations, provides:

  • Information on how to develop a marketing strategy and recruitment plan that meets each employer’s unique needs.
  • Information on where to find people who make great DSPs.
  • Samples of effective recruitment tools designed to reach target niche groups.
  • A CD-ROM (PC/Mac) with templates that can be customized to produce professional, eye-catching materials.

Produced by the Institute’s Research and Training Center on Community Living. (2004) • Cost: $25.00

DVD cover to Realistic Job PreviewDirect Support: A Realistic Job Preview
A video package illustrating the real, everyday work of direct support professionals (DSPs) in the field of developmental disabilities. This job preview is a DSP recruitment strategy designed to give potential employees detailed and balanced information about job expectations, the employer, and the worksite, so they can make an informed decision about accepting a job offer from the employer. A realistic job preview provides both positive and negative information that potential staff are unlikely to know. DSPs profiled in the video offer first-person advice about this important career choice in the following areas: On the Job, Rewards of Direct Support, Challenges of Direct Support, Qualities of a Great DSP, and Lessons Learned. Produced by the Institute’s Research and Training Center on Community Living. (2004) • Cost:

  • 1-9 copies for $85.00 each
  • 10-30 copies for $65.00 each
  • 31-60 copies for $55.00 each
  • 61-100 copies for $45.00 each
  • Quantities over 100 copies for $40.00 each


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cover of We Have ChoicesWe Have Choices
An award-winning documentary profiling individuals with developmental disabilities across New York state who have used individualized supports in taking greater control of their lives. Traditionally, funding for people with disabilities has gone directly to agencies that provide support services. Now, individuals have the opportunity to control their budgets and choose the services they want and need. In New York state, supports are available to help people make the move from living in large group homes to living in their own homes with one or two housemates. The DVD We Have Choices includes profiles of eight people who have made the move to their own homes, as well as discussions with service providers and Direct Support staff. Produced by the Institute’s RTC Media in collaboration with the Self-Advocacy Association of New York State (SANYS). Length: 29 minutes. CC. (2010) • Cost: The film can be viewed online on the RTC Media Web site. Ordering information for the DVD, which is being distributed by the Self-Advocacy Association of New York State, is also available on the site


"Other Voices" DVD coverOther Voices: The Minnesota Region 10 Quality Assurance Process
A documentary on DVD telling how stakeholders in southeastern Minnesota, including parents, advocates, and self-advocates, developed an alternative quality assurance process to better respond to the needs of citizens with developmental disabilities. The system they developed, called VOICE, is a person-driven process that emphasizes self-determination and includes participation by community members, people with disabilities, and professionals in determining the quality of services provided. This 50-minute film is produced by the Institute's RTC Media. (2008) • Cost: $25.00

Cover photo of video of 9/11 memorial


We Watch the City: Stories in the Shadow of 9/11
A documentary relating the experiences of New Yorkers with intellectual or other developmental disabilities and those who support them in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. The 22-minute film also looks at the backstory: persons with developmental disabilities as valuable, productive citizens and New Yorkers. Produced by the Institute’s Research and Training Center on Community Living. (DVD). (2002) • Cost: $50.00


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Transition and Career Preparation

Finding Our Voice cover

Finding Our Voice
A DVD telling the stories of four American Indian high school students who are developing the leadership skills necessary to make a successful transition to life after high school. Brian, Brenda, Geno, and Valerie share their experiences of positive personal growth and how their self-advocacy and goal-setting skills gave them the confidence to be leaders in their communities. The students were filmed in a variety of settings – including the National Youth Leadership Training in Sandstone, Minnesota; Outward Bound Wilderness in Ely, Minnesota; and the transition conference, “Your Future Starts Now,” at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities – where they participated in unique experiential activities related to essential transition skills. The 45-minute film is on a DVD that also contains a resource guide that provides discussion questions for use with youth and in staff development, and lesson plans that relate to specific scenes in the video. Finding Our Voice is an excellent complement to the curriculum, Expanding the Circle: Respecting the Past, Preparing for the Future. (2006) • Cost: $55.00

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Progress Monitoring

cover of response to intervention DVD
Response to Intervention: Ensuring Achievement for All
A video illustrating the implementation of Response to Intervention (RtI) at the elementary school level as part of a model demonstration project. Response to intervention (RtI) is a promising reform that leads to increased student achievement and overall school improvement in preK-12 education. On the DVD, a description of the core components of the 3-tier RtI model is shared, including: screening, core instruction, intensive interventions, progress monitoring, data review meetings, and fidelity of implementation. In addition, it features the perspectives of those involved in the pilot project, a collaboration between the Research Institute on Progress Monitoring at the Institute on Community Integration and Minneapolis Public Schools. In addition to showing its implementation at the elementary level, the DVD includes a second short video at the preschool level. Published by the Research Institute on Progress Monitoring. Length: 16:22. (2010) • Cost: $35 for DVD. Also available for free viewing online

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