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Feature Issue on Parenting Teens and Young Adults with Disabilities

Published by the Institute on Community Integration (UCEDD) and the Research and Training Center on Community Living, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota • Volume 19• Number 2• Spring/Summer 2006

From the Editors

The passage from childhood to adulthood is a passage for families as well as individuals. As young people with disabilities move from their teen to adult years, they and their families experience many growing pains in common with all families at that stage of life. In addition, there are often milestones, questions, concerns, needs, and challenges unique to individuals with disabilities and their families. In this issue of Impact we explore strategies for families of teens and young adults with disabilities to consider in navigating the transition years with their young person, and share stories of those who are in the middle of it or have come out the other side.

For the generation of young people with disabilities reaching adulthood today there are ever-expanding opportunities to pursue adult lives that reflect their goals, dreams, ambitions, values, and life visions. And there are still barriers to that achievement – limitations in services, supports, resources, and options. It’s our hope that the articles in this Impact will provide a glimpse of what is possible, offer useful ideas for moving past some of the limitations that get in the way, and support families, teens, and young adults in dreaming big and realizing those dreams.

What's Inside

Overview Articles

Youth with Disabilities Just Want to Grow Up

Expectations, Reality, and the Road Ahead

The Family Life Cycle and Significant Intellectual Disability

Supporting Healthy Adolescent Development for Youth with Disabilities

Eight Effective Steps to Employment Success

SSA Employment Support Update

Involving Youth with Disabilities in Community Service Activities

Postsecondary Education for Young Adults with Disabilities: What Families Can Do

Ways to Enhance Social Inclusion

Sex, Dating and Disability: How to Help Youth Make Healthy Choices

Learning Life Skills: The Resources Found in Centers for Independent Living

The Power of Community

Person-Centered Planning for Students

Supporting Self-Advocacy for Youth

Assistive Technology and Transition Planning

Making a New Home: Options for Young Adults to Live Away From the Family Home

What Does Health Have to Do with Transition? Everything!

Honoring Values and Needs: Personalizing the Transition Planning Process

Supporting Culturally Sensitive Transition Planning for American Indian Youth

Personal Profiles

How to Avoid Being Roadkill on the Road to Transition

Graduation and Beyond: Beth’s Story

The Ups and Downs of Finding a Support Person: Andreas’ Story

If I’d Known Then What I Know Now...


Parents’ Suggested Timeline for Transition from School to Life


Institute Online Resources

Publication Information

Managing Editor: Vicki Gaylord

Issue Editors:

John Agosta Human Services Research Institute, Portland, Oregon

Judy Barclay Full Life Ahead Foundation, Birmingham, Alabama

Kerri Melda Human Services Research Institute, Portland, Oregon

Pam Stenhjem
Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

Impact is published quarterly by the Institute on Community Integration (UCEDD), and the Research and Training Center on Community Living, College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota. This issue was supported, in part, by Grant #90DD0579 from the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, US Department of Health and Human Services; and Grant #H133B031116 from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, US Department of Education.

The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute, College, University, or their funding sources.

For additional copies or information contact:

Institute on Community Integration University of Minnesota 109 Pattee Hall, 150 Pillsbury Drive SE Minneapolis, MN 55455 612/624-4512

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Retrieved from the Web site of the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota ( Citation: Gaylord, V., Agosta, J., Barclay, J., Melda, K. & Stenhjem, P. (Eds.). (2006). Impact: Feature Issue on Parenting Teens and Young Adults with Disabilities 19(2). [Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration.]


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