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Brian's Story

Hi, my name is Brian and I have a learning disability. Growing up in school I always thought I was stupid and never thought I would go to college. I barely passed high school and went to work.

I heard about learning disabilities on television and thought that I should be tested. At the age of 25, I was assessed for learning disabilities at the Special Resource Center and found out I had a learning disability. I knew then I wasn't stupid and I decided I would go to college. I came to the SRC often for counseling and to develop my plan. I took all the educational development courses offered by the SRC. The educational development courses helped me to improve in all subjects and to become a good student. The support service I used the most was testing accommodation. I received extra time on my tests in a quiet place free of distraction. I also learned to use a computer to help me study and Computer Information Systems became my major. I couldn't have done it without the support and encouragement from the staff and teachers at the SRC.

After six years I graduated with an A.S. degree in Computer Information Systems. I am working in my profession as a Technology Program Coordinator providing technical support for users. It took me six years to graduate but I did it. I now have no doubt that I can do whatever I want to!

Contributed by Brian Krause, Torrance, California.


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Citation: Gaylord, V., Johnson, D.R., Lehr, C.A., Bremer, C.D. & Hasazi, S. (Eds.). (2004). Impact: Feature Issue on Achieving Secondary Education and Transition Results for Students with Disabilities, 16(3). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration. Available from


The print design version (PDF, 671 K, 36 pp.) of this issue of Impact is also available for free, complete with the color layout and photographs. This version looks the most like the newsletter as it was printed.

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