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Domonique's Story

Hi. My name is Domonique Eastland. I'm going to be a senior at Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington. Last spring I was a Career Ladders intern where we had seminars every Monday. In the seminars, we learned something new every week, for example, writing a resumé and practicing interviewing, which happened at the beginning of the semester. Me and my friends were the hard-headed ones in the class; we sometimes did not want to go – we would have preferred to stay at school with all our friends. But after awhile I just said to myself that it is time for me to grow up and be a part of a program that is going to benefit me in the future. To do Career Ladders you have to be loyal to the program.

Later on in the program I was assigned to work at the Seattle Art Museum. I was a school tour guide as well as did things like data entry, helping kids in the art studio, and just running errands. My supervisor taught me a lot about work habits and how to work with people. Later down the line I met up with a company named WorkSource [the One Stop Center that hosts The Job Connection]. At WorkSource they help me find work; we went out and got applications, and they helped me write cover letters and prepare for job interviews. During this time, I had two interviews: one was at Target and the other at Nordstrom. The interview at Nordstrom was successful and I got a job stocking clothes. When I was not involved with the programs I never got a job. This whole experience with the programs has been great , making all the hard work I went through and will go through in the future worth it.

Contributed by Domonique Eastland, Seattle, Washington.


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Citation: Gaylord, V., Johnson, D.R., Lehr, C.A., Bremer, C.D. & Hasazi, S. (Eds.). (2004). Impact: Feature Issue on Achieving Secondary Education and Transition Results for Students with Disabilities, 16(3). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration. Available from


The print design version (PDF, 671 K, 36 pp.) of this issue of Impact is also available for free, complete with the color layout and photographs. This version looks the most like the newsletter as it was printed.

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