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This document has been archived because some of the information it contains may be out of date. (Effective June 2009)

The Paraeducator Role in Inclusive Schools

National Clearinghouse for Paraeducator Resources Web Site (
This resource operated by the Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research at the University of Southern California offers an extensive collection of online full-text articles addressing various aspects of the paraeducator role in education, abstracts from the ERIC Database on paraeducators, a description of numerous paraeducator-to-teacher career ladder programs, additional paraeducator resources, and an opportunity to subscribe to a listserv electronic discussion forum on paraeducators.

National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals.
The center offers training events and materials for paraprofessionals, teachers, and administrators; technical assistance to facilitate development of state and local systems and infrastructures that support the work of paraprofessionals; publishes a newsletter and Web site; and sponsors an annual national conference. For more information visit the Web site at or call 435/797-7272.

IDEAPractices Web site (
The Web site is designed to answer questions and provide information about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and support efforts to help all children learn. A search of the site by the term “paraprofessional” yields over 50 resources, including The Paraprofessional’s Guide to the Inclusive Classroom; the SpeNSE Fact Sheet – The Role of Paraprofessionals in Special Education; and IDEA Practices – Knowledge and Skills for Teachers Supervising the Work of Paraprofessionals.


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Citation: Gaylord, V., Vandercook, T., and York-Barr, J. (Eds.). (2003). Impact: Feature Issue on Revisiting Inclusive K-12 Education, 16(1) [online]. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, Institute on Community Integration. Available from


The print design version (PDF, 580 K, 32 pp.) of this issue of Impact is also available for free, complete with the color layout and photographs. This version looks the most like the newsletter as it was printed.

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