The Institute produces a wide range of publications and electronic media resources for service providers, educators, policymakers, advocacy and resource organizations, researchers, families, persons with disabilities, and others.

You may search for products or browse our online catalog using the following links—

  • Newsletters & Briefs covering service strategies, policy issues, research findings, and personal experiences of individuals with disabilities and families in relation to all areas of life, including the social, family, educational, vocational, housing, and health care areas.
  • Resource Guides providing practical approaches to meeting the needs of persons with disabilities in areas including K-12 and postsecondary education, consumer-controlled housing, health care, recreation, employment preparation, and self-advocacy.
  • Curricula supporting self-determination; educational, recreational, and social inclusion in K-12 and other settings; and paraprofessional development in educational and community service settings.
  • Reports summarizing findings from applied research related to education, employment, and residential and other community services.
  • Brochures offering simple how-to tips and lists of resources for use in K-12, family, and community settings.
  • Multimedia challenging myths and improving educational and direct support services.
  • Miscellaneous instruments addressing K-12 and postsecondary concerns.

Some products are available both in print and on the Web, while others are only available either in print or on the Web. Our Order Form is linked on most pages in the left sidebar.

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