Archived Reports

These older reports have been archived because some of the information they contain may be out of date. They may still be useful for some types of research, teaching, or information gathering.

Inclusive Education

Employing, Developing and Directing Special Education Paraprofessionals in Inclusive Education Programs: Findings From a Multi-Site Case Study
By G. Ghere and J. York-Barr
A report describing the systems that three school districts used to employ, develop, and direct special education paraprofessionals to work effectively in inclusive education programs. Findings cluster around six key areas: the work of paraprofessionals in inclusive education programs, the work of special educators in supporting paraprofessionals, developing the knowledge and skills of paraprofessionals, collaboration that supports special educators in directing the work of paraprofessionals, recruiting and employing paraprofessionals, and understanding paraprofessional turnover and its effects. (2003) • Cost: Free, available only on the Web

Leadership Factor report coverThe Leadership Factor: A Key to Effective Inclusive High Schools
By T. Bartholomay, T. Wallace, and C. Mason
A report describing administrative and other leadership themes associated with four inclusive high schools that are producing exemplary results for students with and without disabilities. School stakeholder interviews and focus groups revealed seven leadership themes that are associated with the effectiveness of these schools. Besides describing these important themes, this document provides a description of the Beacons of Excellence study that identified these themes, an overview of educational reform as it pertains to inclusion, and profiles of the four participating schools. In addition, a useful Leadership Self-Assessment, based on the study's findings, is provided. This report is especially useful for school-level administrators, district-level administrators, and others interested in inclusion and school reform. (2001) • Cost: Free, available only on the Web

Educational Outcomes

Residential Services

Policies and Resources Related to Waiting Lists of Persons with Mental Retardation and Related Developmental Disabilities
By L. Anderson, M. Hayden, S. Kim, C. Lakin, B. Polister, and R. Prouty
A document reporting the results and findings from a national survey of state directors of developmental disabilities services regarding the nature of state programs and responses for persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities (MR/DD) waiting for services. In summer and fall of 1998, in response to rising concern about the growing numbers of persons with mental retardation and related developmental disabilities waiting long periods for services, the Research and Training Center on Community Living conducted a national survey of state directors of developmental disabilities services. The survey sought to explore four areas:

  1. Type and content of statewide waiting lists.
  2. State laws and regulations addressing waiting lists.
  3. Policies and initiatives to reduce or eliminate waiting lists.
  4. Assistance and access to interim services for persons on waiting lists.

In 1999 updates to the survey data were made based on feedback from the state directors' review of the original findings. This 2000 report is an updated report using information gathered from the states for FY 1999. (2000) • Cost: Free, available only on the Web

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