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Resource Web Site for Personnel Development Specialists and Higher Education Teacher Educators


The purpose of this site is to provide staff development specialists, faculty and staff from teacher preparation programs, and others with information and resources to prepare training for teachers who are or will be directing the work of paraprofessionals. The site information is organized around the competency areas identified through research that took place in Minnesota. An overview is provided with corresponding competencies, resources, tools, activities, discussion questions, and power point presentations. Below are some ideas for how the site and it's resources might be used:

  • Create flexible lesson plans for each competency area by selecting key topics, and activities.
  • Survey teachers to assess needs and interests according to the competencies.
  • Sequence lesson plans to fit your course delivery time frame.
  • Select resources from the resource list to use with the participants.
  • Download resources (e.g., Power Point presentations) to use directly in your course or workshop.
  • Continue to watch the web site for new resources and information.


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