Postsecondary education

Postsecondary education, as addressed by the Institute, refers to the particular challenges faced by students with disabilities in gaining access to and succeeding in all levels of higher education (universities, community colleges, trade schools, etc.).

The following Institute products, projects, and/or staff address this topic.

  • Chris Bremer PhD :: Research Associate [Partner staff]
  • Rebecca Dosch Brown :: Program and Data Coordinator, Minnesota LEND
  • Jean K Echternacht :: Research Associate [Partner staff]
  • Bradley Goodnight :: Research Associate [Partner staff]
  • Maureen E Hawes :: Research Associate
  • David R Johnson PhD :: Director, Institute on Community Integration
  • Christen L Opsal :: Coordinator [Partner staff]
  • Xueqin Qian :: Research Associate
  • Robert D Shumer :: Lecturer [Partner staff]
  • Karen J Storm PhD :: Research Associate [Partner staff]
  • Joe Timmons :: Research Fellow [Partner staff]