Early childhood

For the Institute, the early childhood life stage includes newborns, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with disabilities or at-risk, as well as children up to eight years of age.

The following Institute products, projects, and/or staff address this topic.

  • Rebecca Dosch Brown :: Program and Data Coordinator, Minnesota LEND
  • Michelle M Englund :: Research Associate [Partner staff]
  • Lizbeth H Finestack :: Assistant Professor, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences [Partner staff]
  • Linda S Goldstone :: Research Fellow
  • Anab A Gulaid :: Coordinator
  • Maureen E Hawes :: Research Associate
  • Linda L Lindeke PhD :: Associate Professor [Partner staff]
  • Scott R McConnell PhD :: Professor [Partner staff]
  • Aida Miles :: Director, Coordinated MPH-Nutrition Program [Partner staff]
  • Sharon Mule :: Project Coordinator [Partner staff]
  • Xueqin Qian :: Research Associate
  • Karen J Storm PhD :: Research Associate [Partner staff]
  • Christopher L Watson PhD :: Research Associate [Partner staff]