Cultural competence

The Institute addresses the importance of equipping professionals to deliver services to people with disabilities and/or those at-risk, and their families, in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner.

The following Institute products, projects, and/or staff address this topic.

  • Laurene L Christensen :: Research Associate [Partner staff]
  • Rebecca Dosch Brown :: Program and Data Coordinator, Minnesota LEND
  • Jean K Echternacht :: Research Associate [Partner staff]
  • Merrie L Haskins :: Project Coordinator
  • Amy S Hewitt :: Senior Research Associate
  • Linda L Lindeke PhD :: Associate Professor [Partner staff]
  • Kelly Nye-Lengerman LGSW :: Research Associate
  • Susan N ONell :: Coordinator
  • Kelly J Ortenblad :: Graduate Research Assistant
  • Christopher Rogers :: Research Fellow
  • Hiba M Sharif :: LEND Fellow [Partner staff]
  • Vitaliy Shyyan :: Research Associate [Partner staff]
  • Pang Chaxiong :: LEND Fellow
  • Lindsey Zemanek :: Research Assistant [Partner staff]