Emotional/behavioral disorder (EBD)

Emotional/behavioral disorder (EBD) is defined by IDEA under "emotional disturbance" as a condition exhibiting one or more specific emotional and/or behavioral difficulties over a long period of time and to a marked degree, which adversely affects educational performance. See IDEA definition.

The following Institute products, projects, and/or staff address this topic.

  • Deb Albus :: Research Fellow
  • Stephanie Benson :: LEND Fellow [Partner staff]
  • Laurene L Christensen :: Research Associate [Partner staff]
  • Jean K Echternacht :: Research Associate [Partner staff]
  • Merrie L Haskins :: Project Coordinator
  • David R Johnson PhD :: Director, Institute on Community Integration
  • Kristen M Kessler :: LEND Fellow [Partner staff]
  • Susan N ONell :: Coordinator
  • Xueqin Qian :: Research Associate
  • Christopher Rogers :: Research Fellow
  • Vitaliy Shyyan :: Research Associate [Partner staff]
  • Martha L Thurlow :: Senior Research Associate
  • Joe Timmons :: Research Fellow [Partner staff]
  • Lindsey Zemanek :: Research Assistant [Partner staff]