Photo of Pang Chaxiong.

Pang Chaxiong

  • LEND Fellow
  • AUCD Trainee
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    • Early Educ and Development, Ctr
    • 1954 Buford St [map]
    • Room 425 LES
    • St Paul, MN 55108

As a sibling of a brother with autism from a Hmong immigrant family, Pang's research interest surrounds the intersection of culture and autism, particularly how culture influences autism diagnoses, treatment decisions, and access to resources. Pang has a passion for promoting early identification and intervention in families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

As a LEND fellow, Pang is working with Minnesota Learn the Signs Act Early to promote early identification and intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorder from diverse communities. Pang is especially interested in working alongside the Hmong and Somali communities in Minnesota.

Outside of LEND, Pang is conducting a survey to examine parent perceptions regarding causes and treatments of autism. She is also a graduate research assistant on a project looking at Hmong language development to develop a survey that can gauge the early literacy and language of Hmong preschool-aged children.

Pang received her BA in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Currently, she is a graduate student pursuing her Masters and Ph.D. in Special Education.