Changing Landscapes: A Symposium on the Arts & Disability

Organized the 2009 Symposium on the Arts & Disability, held October 30, 2009, at the University's Weisman Art Museum and produced the video, Radical Inclusion: The Arts & Disability. The symposium, co-sponsored by a coalition of University and community organizations, brought together artists with disabilities, disability service providers, arts instructors, arts advocates, University personnel, and others from around the state to share ideas for supporting and increasing involvement of individuals with disabilities in the arts. It included a keynote address by Tom di Maria of Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, California, entitled "Artists with Disabilities in a Contemporary Context," as well as panel discussions with arts educators, artists with disabilities, and community arts programs. The project also coordinated displays of artwork by artists with disabilities at the Weisman the day of the event, and at locations across campus prior to and following the event. The short eight-minute video weaves together concepts rasied by leaders in the field around the arts among individuals with disabilities in society.

This project was archived on 5/2011.