Together We Make a Difference: Inclusive Service Learning as part of 4-H Youth Development Programs

Instilled hope, a sense of purpose, self-confidence, and a positive vision of the future among at-risk, high school youth with and without disabilities through a year-long inclusive service learning experience delivered through 4-H programs. The project also aimed to help develop a long-term partnership between the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota Extension, and youth development organizations working within the 4-H framework to enhance the opportunities of Minnesota youth with and without disabilities to become successful learners who positively engage with their communities and become future leaders.

This project was archived on 9/2016.

  • Brian H Abery :: [Director] Research Associate
  • Anna M Gilbertson :: Community Program Associate [Partner staff]
  • Kaitlin M Hass :: Undergrad Research Asst II [Partner staff]
  • Alison R Kullback :: Undergraduate Research Assistant II [Partner staff]
  • Courtney N Mason :: Undergraduate Research Assistant II [Partner staff]
  • Jessica P Russo :: Assistant Extension Professor [Partner staff]
  • Renata Ticha :: [Contact] Research Associate