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Reintegration Framework Systems Planning Toolkit

The Reintegration Framework Systems Planning Toolkit was developed to improve reintegration of youth with disabilities from separate sites and to improve their transition outcomes (e.g., decreased dropout, suspension, and expulsion rates and increased graduation rates).

Download Toolkit in PDF (29 pages, 228K)

About the Toolkit

In 2006, the Evaluation Group at the Institute on Community Integration (ICI), University of Minnesota, responded to a Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) Request for Proposals to operationalize a document on best practices and indicators of successful transition of children and youth between separate sites. Building on the work of MDE's Care and Treatment Reintegration Work Group and, with the permission of David R. Johnson at ICI and the National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition (NASET), the Evaluation Group used the format of the strategic planning tools developed for the NASET National Standards and Quality Indicators: Transition Toolkit for Systems Improvement (NASET, 2005) to guide the development of the Reintegration Framework Strategic Planning Toolkit.

In addition to suggestions and resources for group facilitation, the Toolkit contains a Self-Assessment Tool using research-based indicators, a Priority-Setting Tool, and an Action Planning Tool. These tools support and guide interagency teams to make improvements in their organizations and communities to support positive reintegration of youth with disabilities.

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