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Photograph representing student working on computer. Photograph representing mentor/student relationship using technology. Photograph representing student success in graduating high school and seeking employment.
Project Mission: Mentoring Through Technology to Promote Student Achievement

Minnesota Transition Team, a Project Partner Go to Web site

About Us

By bringing together under one roof all education and other programs that address family breakdown, violence, and poverty, the Minnesota Transition Team strives to make services easier to access. The department models at the state level local "one-stop shops" where educational services are located with other community resources. By integrating programs at the state level, the department encourages state professional and social services advocates to work together to meet the needs of Minnesota's children and families. The Minnesota Transition Team meets on a monthly basis to coordinate, collaborate, and provide training to local partners. Our partners include representation from parents, students, career and technical education, Department of Economic Security, non-profit community partners, school-to-work partnerships, MnSCU, PACER Center, Department of Human Services, Department of Corrections, Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities, Department of Education, and the business community.


Our mission is to create a statewide system of education and employment opportunities that will enable youth with disabilities to attain the skills and knowledge required in the workplace of today and tomorrow, and to transition smoothly from secondary education to adult life. The Minnesota Interagency Office on Transition Services is committed to educating youth with disabilities so that they may experience a coordinated transition from school to adult life. Transitioning students with disabilities can be achieved through effective interagency collaboration and comprehensive individualized planning. It is their partnership between agencies, families, communities, and individuals that can make successful transitions to adult life.

Reason for Involvement in this Project

The Minnesota Transition Team believes that the e-mentoring project will enhance the educational and social/emotional growth of transition-aged youth with disabilities and welcomes the collaborative venture.

Role in Connecting to Success

The Minnesota Transition Team in collaboration with Minnesota Department of Education has acted as a facilitator to identify local communities willing to develop and test a model for e-mentoring in Minnesota. At this point two local communities are receiving support to develop policies, procedures, and support/learning material. The Minnesota Transition Team will also assist in the development of a method of evaluation.

Contact Information

Jayne Spain, Coordinator
Minnesota Transition Team
Minnesota Department of Education
1500 Highway 36 West
Roseville, MN 55113
Phone: 651-582-8200
Web: ...

Other Partners

The National Center on Secondary Education and Transition
Achieve! Minneapolis
Iowa Paths Systems Change Project
• The Minnesota Department of Education
U. S. Department of Labor

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