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Supports for Participating Employer Liaisons

Employer Liaison's Digest


The Employer Liaison is an essential part of the collaborating team, which also includes the Coordinator and a representative from the school or class involved. Appointed by the employer, the employer liaison is responsible for the successful engagement of the employees in the e-mentoring project and the success of the overall project.

Benefits for Employer Liaisons

  • A sense of accomplishment at the completion of a successful program.
  • The notice of top management for the leadership assumed in directing the project.
  • The knowledge that young people were helped through the project.

Employer Liaison Responsibilities

  • Organize an employee informational meeting which would inform the employees about the e-mentoring project and encourage their participation.
  • Upon signing up a number of employee volunteers, collaborate with the coordinator to provide a stimulating training session for employees.
  • Work with coordinator and education liaison to efficiently establish the program, including e-mail directories, matching of e-mentor to e-mentee, and arranging for initial contacts, e-mail, and face-to-face meetings.
  • Organize employee involvement in one or more face-to-face meetings with students including one on-site at the employer location and one on-site at the school or educational institution.
  • Provide budget and seek financial support for various expenditures, including training manuals and materials, travel costs, lunch for program participants, end-of-year gifts for participants (optional), and other expenses as they may arise.
  • Coordinate with employee volunteers to assure they remain engaged in the process and participate on a regular basis.
  • Collaborate with partners to address any issues that may arise.
  • Report, on a regular and timely basis, to employer management as to the progress and success of the program.
  • Make certain all employee volunteers are recognized, celebrated and thanked for their involvement in the program.


  • A desire to lead a volunteer program and make a difference.
  • Solid organizational skills.
  • Creativity and flexibility.
  • Ability to use sales and marketing tools to engage employees.
  • Knowledge of computer technology and the use of the Internet.
  • Ability to manage conflicts and solve problems readily.
  • The respect and trust of management to do the job.

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