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Supports for Participating Employers

Employer's Digest


Why Employers Make a Difference

Employers, businesses, non-profit organizations, and the government all have an important role to play in the e-mentoring of students. The employer is the best resource from which a dedicated and coordinated volunteer workforce can be organized. Because the employer has an interest in the welfare and quality of life of the community in which it operates and where its employees reside, most businesses, non-profits, and government agencies encourage volunteerism and provide support to the activities of their employees. Furthermore, because most employers have a vested interest in a future quality workforce, the e-mentoring of that future workforce is an investment with potential high returns.

Who are Connecting to Success Employer-Partners?

A Connecting to Success Employer-Partner is an employer who has agreed to collaborate with a local school in implementing the Connecting to Success program. Local partnerships may be initiated by employers, school personnel, or members of the community. (For further information contact Connecting to Success at 612-626-0335.) An Employer-Partner recruits employee volunteers to serve as e-mentors to students with disabilities, exchanging e-mails on a weekly basis. Participating in the program demonstrates a commitment to the community and the education of its youth.

Benefits to the Employer

  • Increased morale on the part of employees who feel they are making a difference in a student’s life.
  • Increased commitment to the employer for supporting them in their volunteer activities.
  • Improved image in the community as an employer who cares.
  • Increased awareness of the variables affecting the education of our youth.
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Improved workforce with marketable skills to assume a responsible position.

Benefits to Those Collaborating with the Employer

  • An organized group of trained volunteers prepared to e-mentor students.
  • A better-informed citizenry by getting volunteers in the schools to observe and learn what does take place in the educational environment.
  • A more committed employer that may increase the level and kinds of volunteer and/or financial support to the school system or community to address perceived needs.
  • An improved relationship and understanding between the employer and the community in which it operates.

Employer Responsibilities

  • Agree to support an e-mentoring program and agree to commit the necessary human and financial resources to make it happen.
  • Appoint an employee as the Employer Liaison.
  • Allow and encourage employees to take time for informational meetings, training sessions, and face-to-face site visits.
  • Provide some financial support to facilitate expenses such as student transportation in site visits, materials purchases, and ancillary expenses.
  • Collaboration with the school systems, the community, and students to review, evaluate, and improve the program.

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