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Teacher providing guidance to two high school students in school library.E-Connect Mentoring Program, a classroom-based mentoring program to connect high school students with employees

Sample Permission Request

Customize this letter to parents requesting permission for their child to participate in the E-Connect program. Check with your school for the appropriate permission form language.

Dear Parent/Guardian:

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between                                             [program] and                                                 [business]. Together, we will be implementing a new e-mail mentoring program called E-Connect this fall. The program is approved by school administration and by the                                                 [business] administration. It will be an exciting way for students to receive one-on-one mentoring from an employee from our local business community. Your student’s class has been selected to participate in this program.

E-mentoring brings classroom learning together with information from the world of work. E-mentoring gives students real-life information from the world of work. It also provides the opportunity for students to practice keyboarding, hone their punctuation and spelling skills, and learn about responsible use of technology. It also introduces students to other caring adults who offer not only career and employment related information but support and encouragement.

As a participant in the program, your student will be matched with an employee at the business and exchange weekly e-mail as part of classroom work. The class will also have an opportunity to visit the business and host the mentors at our school.

Each week, I will choose a topic related to employment for the students to discuss with the e-mentor via e-mail. Such topics might include: staying organized at work, getting your first job, interviewing skills, and conflict resolution. Some classroom assignments will be designed around the topics of the e-mail exchanges. All e-mail exchanges and visits will be monitored and supervised by myself and other school personnel.

We are set to begin the E-Connect program in early October and end by the middle of December.

We are asking three things from you:

  1. Complete and return the permission slip below for your student’s participation in E-Connect.
  2. Encourage your student to be an active participant in E-Connect.
  3. Ask your student to tell you about his/her experience with E-Connect.

If you have any questions, please contact                                           [contact name] at                                             [contact phone]. Please return this permission slip by                    [date].

Thank you!


[Classroom Teacher name]

PARENT/GUARDIAN: Please complete this form and return to me.

I give my son/daughter,                                                                       , permission to participate in the E-Connect program, including classroom e-mail exchanges, field trips, and other school-planned activities as part of the program.

Parent/Guardian signature:                                                                                                                 

Parent/Guardian name (please print):                                                                                                


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