To use advanced analytics to improve student results

Consultants at ICI are improving our nation's education system

Tri Tran is a believer that advanced analytics can be used to unlock insights about what can be done to improve student performance in schools across the country.

Every year, millions of dollars are spent to collect assessment information on students’ academic performance. Despite these massive investments, it seems we have learned little about what can systematically be done to improve performance. One way to do this is by constructing integrated data information systems that yield fruitful information about target areas in which actionable, cost-effective measures can be taken.

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Tran is convinced that if constructed and managed correctly, integrated data systems and advanced analytics represent the future of improvements in our educational system. While such systems are becoming a staple of for-profit businesses worldwide, it has yet to penetrate American education in any meaningful way.
“We must work to shape educational policies which promote the use of advanced analytics at the local, state and national levels.”

While complex, using advanced analytics is not an esoteric abstraction to satisfy the intellectually curious. Rather, think of it as a way to help public agencies demonstrate accountability for the education of our children and youth. It can identify areas where change can occur and help assure that public dollars in education are well-spent.

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Massive investment in education is finite; thus every penny must be spent more wisely. Wasted public funds are like wasted energy; it is unrecoverable and only serves as a diversion to getting something useful – critical – done. Tran wants to help education agencies understand that advanced analytics is the future of meaningful improvement.

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