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Renáta Tichá has always been moved to understand the needs of children with disabilities from different cultures around the world. A native of the Czech Republic, Tichá sought to broaden her own horizons at an early age, first studying in London, and later coming to the United States for her graduate education in 2000. She has worked at the Institute on Community Integration since 2004.

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    Renata presenting
    Photo of Renáta Tichá presenting on inclusive education in Armenia as part of UNICEF Armenia project

    With dreams of running an international inclusive school, Tichá changed course once she was inspired to conduct research. Today, as Director of the Global Resource Center for Inclusive Education, Tichá’s work is wide-reaching and feeds her passion for empowering the lives of children and youth with disabilities, regardless of culture, race, ethnicity or place where they live.

    “I have always valued freedom,
    respect and justice for all.”
    disability access symbols
    Image of international symbols of accessibility for people with disabilities; person using wheel chair, image of a brain inside a head, two hands doing sign language, person walking using a stick.

    Her work in educational assessment and intervention, makes available evidence-based strategies and tools to assist and empower children with disabilities, their parents and teachers in learning and engaging in their own communities. Working with funding from the Eurasia Foundation, Tichá was able to collaborate with colleagues at the Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University to develop formative assessments for students with significant cognitive disabilities in Russian. She has also developed a partnership with UNICEF Armenia to assist Armenian State Pedagogical University with strategies to help them update their approach to inclusive education.

    Photo of Renata Ticha walking through the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota
    Photo of Renáta Tichá and a group of ADA Fellows walking through the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota

    Tichá draws inspiration from the thought that students, their parents and teachers from across the world have gained new tools and knowledge through her work to support children in their education and daily life to be the persons they want to be. And she knows there is much work yet to be done.

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